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My name is Luckie Sigouin and I am a vlogger/content creator focusing on living an optimized life! I have strong call to make a difference in this world; combine this with my love for documenting, traveling and giving back I decided to create an athletic challenge for myself that will also help a great cause.

On October 2nd, 2017, I will depart from Vancouver to cycle down to San Francisco. Before and in the duration of the cycling trip, I will be raising money for 10 individuals who are diagnosed with cancer and currently struggling to make ends meet.

My goal is to raise $50,000.00. Where will the money go?

– 10 individuals battling with cancer will receive $5000.00 each to help ease their financial burden.

Having experienced first hand what it is like to live closely with someone with cancer in the past, I can confirm that the road isn’t easy. When I observed financial burdens being a hindrance to someone I love from getting better, it disgusted me. Now that I’m in a position to make a difference, I’ve made the decision to act on it!

My intention with this trip is to help ease the stress during their healing journey. Unfortunately what comes along with the diagnoses for most cancer patients is the financial burden. Not only do their out of pocket expenses increase, but their ability to work and make money decreases leaving them in a no-win situation. For each individual diagnosed with cancer, whether it is to pay for travel costs, lodging, special foods, nutritional supplements, special equipment, clothing, family members who have to take time off work or fly into provide mental and physical support etc., the financial need is unique to their own circumstance. This is why I’ve chosen to give $5000 cash so that they can decide to put the funds where it is most needed.

On this cycling journey, I will be vlogging daily allowing every one of you to be a part of my challenge! The finale of the vlog series will include a documentation of the individuals battling cancer, receiving the $5000. With your support, you can be the change with me!

The deadline for raising the money will be on October 30th when I will arrive back home.

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