Study on how to Optimize your Sleep

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Tip 1: Why should you wear blue blocking glasses before bed: Harvard Medical School Study on Blue Light


Here are the ones that I personally use: Blue light Blocking Glasses


Tip 2: Experiment with Binaural Beats to help you sleep: How Can Binaural Beats Help You Sleep Better?


This is a great beat app: Binaural Beats or you can simply download others apps from your phone.


Tip 3: Why magnesium citrate can help you optimize sleep: How Magnesium can help you sleep


Here is the Magnesium Citrate that I personally use: Magnesium Citrate


Tip 4: Get enough sun exposure in the morning How sun Exposure affects sleep and melatonin production   Study linking natural light exposure to better sleep


Here is a good red light therapy machine that helps with exposure to morning sun if you live in an area like Vancouver where we don’t get a lot of sun exposure: Red Light Therapy


Extra Tips:

You can also supplement with melatonin, but there is a warning that comes with that. Your body naturally produces melatonin and if you supplement with it for too long you body will shut down product of natural melatonin. Therefore when you stop taking it as a supplement it will be really hard for you to fall asleep. That’s why I only use it to help with Jet Lags or times where I can’t fall asleep but need to wake up really early the next day.

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